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Sureuskadi is a leading company providing support services, focusing its activity in the organization of the required human resources to manage and to add value to a variety of cultural events and shows.

 We provide exactly what is required for your CONCERT, FAIR, CONGRESS, EXPOSITION, CONVENTION, SPORT EVENT, etc. to succeed as you expect. The service will be always provided in a smart, simple, efficient and profitable way.

 More than 20 years of expertise in the market allows us to offer high-quality services.

Our goals are:

  • Customers’ satisfaction. The customer is always the target of our efforts.
  • Continuous improvement to provide defect free service.

Our qualified professional human team ensures an excellent work. Our team is prepared to accomplish the required task, which is mandatory to guaranty the success of any event, with the efficiency that experience provides. Auxiliar staff is the first image that users see in an event, and that is the reason Sureuskadi focuses there to add value to the customers with professionalism, experience and kindness.