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Social Responsibility

We are aware that, nowadays, one of the capital goals for the correct functioning of an organization is to take care of all those aspects that determine a company as responsible with society. The economical development shall be compatible with social commitment and respect with the environment.

We have adopted a set of principles that allow us to continue growing in line with the demand of our customers, within a framework of respect and care for the environment.


Therefore, currently, and since January 2011, Sureuskadi manages a Teaming of its employees which donate € 1 net of payroll to the Kanuya Orphanage in Bamako (Mali), a non-for-profit association in Bamako, created in 1992, which deals with street children, orphans, abandoned and pregnant teens. These are normally orphan children and youth, who have been abandoned or have spent time in prison (in some cases the system sent them to live in the center). Kanuya give them permanent hostage, with an eye on general competences and autonomy so that one day the can fend for themselves. The Kanuya team handles the daily care of children from their education up to and including all legal issues arising from their social and family situation Sureuskadi collaborates donating a monthly amount equal to that obtained by the entire staff.


To actively participate in cultural, socio-economic, education and sport and any other type of project that promotes human development, Sureuskadi cooperates with a sponsorship agreement with the San Sebastian Gipuzkoa Basket since 2004.

Finally, to properly manage the use of natural resources and waste management, Sureuskadi recycles all its office supplies.

Collection services are regularly used for informatics, telephony, paper, and plastic materials.